The Fine Art of Observation

pecorabruna asked: Hi, just wondering what your take is on that famous Mycroft quote: 'My brother has the brain of a philosopher or a scientist, yet elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?' – what do you deduce, Ivy?


The easy answer is that Sherlock tells us why he’s a detective: it’s a replacement addiction. Either he solves crimes, or he gets high. Apparently being a scientist or a philosopher wouldn’t provide the same kind of high. There it is! Done and dusted, right? Should we believe him?

Much like his creators, Sherlock lies. He lies to project an image of himself that he tries to embody, even through it really doesn’t fit. So perhaps we shouldn’t take his explanations of his own choices at face value.

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Beautiful and brilliant answer and analysis. Spot on. :)


Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game (trailer here)

No good deed goes unpunished.



This is me:


I’m the girl who got headbutted. You might recall this incident from a few years back with either a feeling of support and the urge to high-five me, or an intense dislike because I’m mad feminist, hell-bent on making up stories to demonise…



I got carried away in analyzing Sherlock’s mind palace and Molly’s presence in it.

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Your Tumblr name could not be more apt, after this post. *applauds*

Anonymous asked: Okay, but have you considered bisexual John? That makes your point rather invalid...



I never said that John couldn’t be bisexual. I was just talking about beeing completely gay. But honestly I don’t think he’s bisexual, but that’s just my opinion. If it turns out he’s bisexual I’ll be fine with it. 

Can I add something? I’ll probably lose followers after this but whatever…. I doubt bisexual!John would cry I’M NOT GAY whenever someone talks about his sexuality…it’s a very straight person thing.  

PS: why would john have issues with his sexuality? He’s pretty cool with everything: sherlock being a weirdo and maybe gay in ASIP, he doesn’t care, he really doesn’t give a damn and his sister is gay. So what? Naturally if he’s really bi or something else i’ll be ok with that.

Good point. John is self-aware.

w00t! It’s my 1st year Tumblr anniversary - graduating from infancy. Thank You, all my beautiful, amazing, lovely followers. *YOU* have made this year and my time here so wonderful, funny, touching, interesting and delicious!

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Down in the Valley





And with that giant lampshade, I conclude my argument that Mary is intended to be a morally grey character.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about something more interesting: Who was she before she was Mary Morstan?

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